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Investment in Russia

The following websites offer information regarding investment opportunities in Russia:

Skolkovo Innovation Centre

"Investment Opportunities in Russia"-Economics Ministry of the Russian Federation

Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (see: "Trade and Investment Section")

Embassy of the United States of America - "Doing Business in Russia"

Archangel and Karelia (see: Economics & Investment"

"Overview of Business in the City of St. Petersburg and North West Russia"-Embassy of the United States-U.S.Commercial Service

City of Nizhni Novgorod (see: "Investment Projects")

City of Novgorod-"the best place to locate in Russia"

Pskov, Russia - Investment in Pskov

City of Tyumen - U.S. Virtual Consulate (see: "How to Do Business in Tyumen")

City of Yekaterinburg - U.S. Consulate

City of Vladivostok - (see: "City of Investment Potential")